Apple will release iMac Pro in ‘a matter of days’

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Back in June, Apple said its first iMac Pro would come out in December, but we haven’t heard a word about it since. Now, it sounds like that’s very close to changing: in an interview with T3 (highlighted by 9to5Mac), Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller said the product is just days from being released. “We’re getting close to when it’s out there,” Schiller said. “It’s very soon. A matter of days now.”

While the iMac Pro isn’t exactly a gadget that needs to be rushed out before the holidays, it’s one of two products that Apple promised to release before the end of the year. The other is the HomePod, and Apple announced last month that it was delaying that into “early 2018.” Schiller’s comments indicate that the iMac Pro isn’t also getting delayed.

The iMac Pro is one of Apple’s responses to a backlash from its developer community late last year. After developers indicated their frustrating with the lack of powerful options Apple was selling (particularly as it related to the MacBook Pro), Apple said it would release a new Mac Pro and introduce an iMac Pro as well.

Of the two, the iMac Pro is the only one we’ve seen any details on so far. Pricing is supposed to start at $4,999. It’ll use Xeon processors, have a 5K display, and include a Radeon Vega GPU, among other extremely high-end specs.

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